IMA Rise and Shine

IMA Rise and Shine project involves educating the physicians on two aspects of their profession.

  1.  Uplifting knowledge on management skills that may be needed to excel in the profession.  
  2. Providing updated knowledge and creating awareness about Vitamin D deficiency in our country under the guidance of IMA Course Director Dr. Ambrish Mithal, MD, DM.

Need of Vitamin-D awareness:

  • Around 80% of the Indian population has Vitamin D levels less than normal.
  • Population at large is not even aware of Vitamin D deficiency and its consequences.
  • Thus practicing clinician has a major role to play to spread the awareness among the population and take the corrective steps early in order to reduce the prevalence of Vitamin D deficiency and its consequences among Indians.

Dr A Marthanda Pillai
National President, IMA
Dr K K Aggarwal
Dr K K Aggarwal
Honorary Secretary General, IMA
Group Editor-in-Chief IJCP Group of Publications & eMedinewS
Dr Ambrish Mithal
Course Director